Softcom has a talent pool of professionals with healthcare domain, information technology and management expertise. There are more than 100+ satisfied customers across the Continent that are using Softcom healthcare software solutions in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, pharmacies, blood bank and other healthcare facilities. Softcom has now become a brand in healthcare industry.

  • At Softcom, our strong expertise of years of IT processes, backed by the strong business/domain understanding, results in devising solutions that create value for healthcare providers.
  • We view the provider space in healthcare as a complex interplay between the business and IT processes and bring to the table a very good understanding of both.
  • Backed by vast resource pool of established processes, in-depth expertise, and diverse skill sets, these services enable providers to improve customer satisfaction and improve their ROI on every Coin spent.
  • Softcom provides consulting in application, collaborative integration and infrastructure services to healthcare providers in core areas of care delivery and business infrastructure.
  • Softcom has strong project management process which ensures quality product delivered to our customer.
  • Softcom has focused on developing fully web & cloud based healthcare solutions and would facilitate healthcare industry to :
  • Provide best and the fastest patient care service
  • Increase the utilization of all productive resource
  • Bring in better management control and thereby less consumption of both money and time on efficient administration.
  • Can be used by small, mid size to big hospitals
  • Easy access to EMR of patient facility from anywhere anytime
  • Open any number of branches, chain and franchisees anywhere in the Continent
  • SMS and emailing facility


Why should you choose Softcom as your Healthcare Software Provider ?

  • ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2013 Certified Products, operational for over 10 years.
  • Personal attention of Managing Director & CEO in all the operations.
  • The Mind behind the developments is a team of Doctors & Highly Experienced Software Professionals. They know all the medical & software development terms and can drive the software in a minute as per the needs of the organization.
  • Company also hires experts from other fields while designing the medical software.

What you will get, when you are with Softcom Healthcare Software ?

  • Not just only one after another sales support or an AMC, we have a dedicated, specialist development team of working just for you all.
  • We provide you software and the team’s after sales support, Softcom allocates a dedicated team for each and every customer.
  • You do not need to seek anywhere else for your developmental needs, all your thoughts can be made in appropriate action
  • All softwares are developed with respect to user’s perspective, they are user friendly with the help on each topic.
  • For each successful implementation the organization gets a Royalty.
  • All future releases of the software available to our esteemed customers.
  • All softwares are Client Server, 3-tier, Web Technologies Based (Internet Based).
  • Continuous improvement in products and services.
  • All softwares are developed with License Copy received from Microsoft Technologies.
  • Latest development on interfacing, bi-directional connectivity with instruments.
  • All softwares are developed using international standards like HL7, HIPAA, ICD, CPT, DICOM standards.
  • Up-to-date software with latest IT technologies which are happening in the Continent.
  • You will be 100% sure to receive International Quality Software.

Core Values

Softcom values trust, integrity and commitment to excellence, and believes that each employee has the competence to excel. Human resources are the prime drivers and catalysts in leveraging Softcom’s capabilities. The company gives high importance to relationships. This reflects in a way, the company responds to its customers and interacts with the employees. Softcom offers a performance based culture where each employee has the opportunity to grow and succeed, realize his/her true potential while delivering high quality performance and services. Individual growth is important to us, so we constantly endeavor to bring out the best in each employee. Equal opportunities, an open culture and creativity are the key elements nourished at Softcom. We offer a career path culminating in a high-performance work culture that is personally fulfilling, professionally challenging and economically rewarding. A positive work culture enables to move towards optimum  performance.

Opportunities at Softcom enable each individual employee to grow with a professional level as well as individual level. The company believes in continuous education and strives to provide best training facilities that will keep Softcom employees at par with the best professionals in the field. International placement opportunities are offered by Softcom to capable and deserving employees.


Softcom’s primary focus is on developing International Quality Healthcare Software and providing these quality products at affordable costs.

Currently there is no Standardization in Healthcare IT Sector; Softcom wants to bridge this gap by bringing standard medical software products in the African market. Products must be parametric driven and ready to use with minimal configuration time. We are ‘Product Based Company’ and all our software has a universal appeal.